We are one the premier manpower service providers in the aviation industry. Our well equipped training with state of the art facilities enables our candidates to rein the industry with competence.
Cabin Crew
Cabin Crews are solely responsible for well-rounded safety and comfort of the passengers from the time they board in airplane until they reach at their destination. This includes the seating baggage storage, instructions on safety, in-flight entertainment, and various personal needs.
They have duty to serve beverages and food during night. Their paramount job is to keep passengers safe and happy and evacuate them in an emergency.
Skills required:
  • Excellent and impressive communication skills .
  • Pleasing and convincing personality.
  • Calm and patient under pressure.
  • Confident and friendly.
Loading and Unloading
Airline Baggage and Cargo Handler Duties
Cargo handlers load, unload and service aircraft between flights. Cargo handlers must load passenger baggage, mail, food supplies, commercial freight or another cargo going on the flight. As part of their loading and unloading duties, handlers often operate machinery such as forklifts, baggage conveyors and various
freight and baggage vehicles.
Ground Staff
The ground staff manage Immigration and customs coordination, aircraft packing and servicing, aircraft maintenance, emergency services and first aid, refueling and parts and component acquisition, flight operations and planning storage of cargo and hazardous materials,hazardous materials handling ,aircraft security and protection ,crew transportation and billeting activities and operations of the airport terminals. paradise
The aviation management studies are considered as a happening thing and the hottest choice in the present scenario .
  • Unmarried male or female within age limit 18-27 years
  • Graduation in any stream
  • Minimum height of 165 and 153 respectively.
  • Good Physical condition
  • Pleasing Personality
  • Good command over communicative English
  • Good medical standard
  • paradise