Paradise offers the candidate a flight to competence to fit for the aviation industry. Our course structure formation is in the view of the present industrial requirement as well as in view to embrace any future development of the industry. Our lucrative industrial experienced trainers incessantly keep on watching the industry updates to mould the candidates according to the industry requirements. Our unrivalled course formation and outstanding training turn our candidates highly sought after.

The syllabus that par with the international standards and the globally credible BSS affiliated certification enables us to script a unique saga of Indian aviation training industry. The training modules are prepared to synchronize with the current developments and opportunities but to cope up with future developments of the industry.
Our unique training roadmap emphasizes live on the job training, preparing our candidates to get right off campus and on to job with confidence. Well Equipped and managed training facilitates to explore the talents and spur the overall growth of the candidates.

Our unsurpassed active placement cell is one of the highlighted factors enable us to stand out in the industry. We have tie ups with airports spanning across India. Thus our round the clock placement assistance guarantees 100% placement after successful completion of the course.

The efficiency of our manpower services is unbeatable and peerless. Our monopoly in catering the human resource needs of diverse airlines spanning across the globe is well known.
Thus the industry views us as the most preferred aviation academy for both the job aspirants and the aviation industry.
Vision and Mission
The Paradise is derived from a vision that there is an immense human resource requirement in the aviation industry. Aviation management studies now established as a program well received by the industry. There are innumerable factors driving the exploration of the aviation industry like “emerging economies, evolving airline networks, expansion of low cost carriers and the increasing number of mega-cities."In addition, the replacement of older aircraft with more "eco- efficient airliners" will also serve as a spur to the industry.

We endeavor to keep our recognition as the last word in the aviation training through catering the carefully moulded candidates to the industry. We understand the need of the hour more than anyone, so that we craft our course accordingly and deliver the human resources best fit for the industry. So our prime aim is to groom the candidates to rule the industry.
Why Paradise
We are the leading players in the vibrant aviation training industry .Our highly disciplined competency based training programs nourish our candidates with industry relevant skills. Our value added service paves the way for lots of youngsters to make a mark in the industry. Thus we mould our candidates to be a treasure to the industry by our value-added services.
There are a countless factors those enable us to stand out. A few of them are
  • Our course and syllabi structure enable the candidates to deploy the ever increasing horizons of aviation industry jobs.
  • The well equipped training environment with international standard grooms the candidates to fit for the highly rewarding global industry.
  • Tie ups with the leading global players enable us to keep an excellent placement track record.
  • Each and every course we provide has credible and globally accepted certification.
  • One of the most highlighted factors is our fee reasonable and light to your pocket.
  • Our Crew
    Our innovative proven professional trainers strive to craft each and every candidate to fit for the industry. Their professional approach and their comprehensive understanding of the industry enable our candidates to deliver an outstanding performance. They keep on watching the industry closely and thus are able to accommodate any changes to the course structure according to the industry trends. This will enable our candidates to reign the industry.
    The aviation management studies are considered as a happening thing and the hottest choice in the present scenario .
  • Unmarried male or female within age limit 18-27 years
  • Graduation in any stream
  • Minimum height of 165 and 153 respectively.
  • Good Physical condition
  • Pleasing Personality
  • Good command over communicative English
  • Good medical standard
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